Committees | Task Forces

Accreditation Bureau

MandateThe Accreditation Bureau is a standing committee of CASN, functions within established CASN policy and guidelines, is the decision-making body regarding CASN accreditation status and terms and reports to Council.T…More

Advocacy Committee

MandateThe Advocacy Committee is an ad hoc committee, created to promote the CASN strategic priority of advancing CASN’s voice for nursing education, leadership, partnership, and policy. An impetus for establishing it is…More

Standing Committee on Awards and Nominations

MandateTo manage the nominations and awards processes of CASN.Terms of Reference (SD-1.)To issue the call for nominations.To prepare the nomination for election.To report to Council on the results of the election process…More

Standing Committee on Education

CASN Operational CommitteeMandate
To advance CASN’s objective of establishing and promoting national standards of excellence, innovation, and high quality in Nursing Education in Canada. Terms of ReferenceTo develop poli…More

Sub-Committee on Graduate Studies

CASN Sub-Committee on Graduate Studies Operational CommitteeMandate
To vision and influence the development of Graduate Nursing Education and Scholarship.Terms of ReferenceTo promote the quality and expansion of Graduate…More

Standing Committee on Research and Scholarship

MandateTo fulfill the responsibility of CASN’s mission for the advancement of nursing knowledge and development of nursing research capacity.Terms of ReferenceTo develop policy, position statements and guidelines on issu…More

Standing Committee on Strategic Planning

MandateTo ensure that CASN is appropriately positioned and prepared to fulfill its mission and objectives for the medium to long-term future. Terms of ReferenceTo undertake regular environmental scanning related to the m…More

Infoway Digital Health Nursing Faculty Peer Leaders

The Digital Health Nursing Faculty Peer Leaders (Peer Leaders) will assist CASN with the Faculty Peer Leader Network – Increasing Momentum and Overcoming Barriers in Fostering Essential e-Health Competencies in the Next Generation of NursesMore