Standing Committee on Strategic Planning

Standing Committee on Strategic Planning

To ensure that CASN is appropriately positioned and prepared to fulfill its mission and objectives for the medium to long-term future.

Terms of Reference

  • To undertake regular environmental scanning related to the mission of CASN. (SD-1)
  • To identify possible policy and political scenarios with potential to affect CASN. (SD-1.1)
  • To keep the Board fully apprised of such potential scenarios and make recommendations for CASN’s strategic response.
  • To regularly review CASN’s strategic plan and process.
  • There shall be regular communications between the Chair of the Standing Committee and its respective Task Forces.
  • To report to the Board of Directors and Council meeting annually.

Term of Office and Membership

The term of office is two (2) years and voting members of the Committee are:

  • Chair, appointed from within the Board
  • Four (4) other members appointed by the Board
  • The President and Executive Director will be ex-officio members


The committee will normally meet by teleconference, a minimum of twice per year and at other times, at the call of the Chair, to fulfill its mandate. Support for meetings and work of the committee will be provided by an assigned National Office staff member.

Current Membership

Lise Talbot, Université de Sherbrooke (Chair)
Richard Boudreau, Nursing Student (Co-Chair)
Kathe Macdonald, York University (2006)
Marlene Smadu, University of Saskatchewan
Cathy Stratton, Western Regional School of Nursing
Ellen Rukholm, CASN Executive Director
Jo-Anne Swanson, Staff Liaison