Standing Committee on Awards and Nominations


To manage the nominations and awards processes of CASN.

Terms of Reference (SD-1.)

  • To issue the call for nominations.
  • To prepare the nomination for election.
  • To report to Council on the results of the election process.
  • To initiate nominations for national and international awards and present recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • To report to the Board of Directors and Council meeting annually.

Term of Office and Membership
The term of office is two (2) years. The voting members of the Committee are:

  • One member appointed by each regional affiliate
  • The Chair of the Committee will be appointed amongst the members
  • A Chief Elections Officer will also be elected by the Council and will work with the Nominations and Awards Committee

The committee will normally meet by teleconference, a minimum of twice per year and at other times, at the call of the Chair, to fulfill its mandate. Support for meetings and the work of the committee will be provided by an assigned National Office staff member.

Current Membership
Chantal Saint-Pierre, QRCASN Representative (2013-2015)
Anne Kearney, ARCASN Representative (2013-2015)
Colleen McKey, COUPN Representative (2010-2012)
Diane Tapp, WRCASN Representative (2011-2013)
Sally Naphan, Chief Electoral Officer (2011-2013)
Sarah Anderson, Staff Liaison
Sharada Boucher-Sharma, Staff Liaison

This is the only CASN Standing Committee where the President and Executive Director are not ex-officio members as this committee is made up of elected officers.