CASN Strategic Plan 2023–2028

CASN Vision 2028

Reimagine and Revolutionize Excellence in
Nursing Education

Strategic Priority 1: Champion Indigenization, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Anti-Racism (IEDIAA)

  • Goal: Foster decolonization and Indigenization, and promote anti-racism, inclusion, and accessibility, to advance reconciliation and ensure full diversity among Canadian nursing students, graduates, and faculty.

Strategic Priority 2: Invigorate Education Pathways

  • Goal: Promote meaningful education pathways, guidelines, resources, and continuing education opportunities to foster the optimal preparation of Canadian nurses for entry-level roles, academic positions, advanced practice nursing, and specialization at all levels.

Strategic Priority 3: Stand With a United Voice for Nursing Education

  • Goal: Build a united advocacy agenda with colleagues across the nursing community to advance excellence in nursing education.

Strategic Priority 4: Galvanize Transition to Practice

  • Goal: Collaborate with colleagues in education, practice, government, and regulation to create education programs that enable Canadian nurses to thrive as they integrate into the workforce.

Strategic Priority 5: Lead Excellence in Nursing Education and Research

  • Goal: Advance the quality and the currency of nursing education and nursing education research nationally and internationally to ensure populations receive the level, nature, and complex systems of nursing care they require.

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