Sub-Committee on Graduate Studies

Sub-Committee on Graduate Studies
CASN Sub-Committee on Graduate StudiesOperational CommitteeMandate
To vision and influence the development of Graduate Nursing Education and Scholarship.Terms of Reference

  • To promote the quality and expansion of Graduate Nursing Education in Canada. (SD-2.2.2)
  • To provide expertise in the development of CASN position papers in areas relevant to graduate studies. (SD- 1.1, 1.3)
  • To advise on issues related to graduate studies programming, accreditation and resources. (SD-1.3, 2.10.2)
  • To serve as a communication vehicle among committee members, faculties, CASN, the Canadian nursing community and internationally. (SD-1.2)
  • To plan an annual forum for heads of graduate studies. (SD-1.1)
  • There shall be regular communications between the Co-Chairs of this Sub-Committee and the Co-Chairs of the CASN Education Committee.

Term of Office and MembershipThe members of the Sub-Committee of Graduate studies are:

  • Two Co-Chairs from a CASN member school’s graduate studies program.
  •  A member of the CASN Board of Directors will be appointed to serve as a communication linkage between the Sub-Committee and the Board of Directors.

The Sub-Committee of Graduate Studies will normally meet by teleconference, a minimum of twice per year, in-person at the annual CASN Graduate Studies Forum, and at other times, at the call of the Chair/Co-chairs, to fulfill its mandate. Support for meetings and the work of the Sub-Committee will be provided by the CASN Education Programs Coordinator.Approved: June 2010Membership Margaret Purden (Co-Chair), Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University
Esther Sangster Gormley (Co-Chair), School of Nursing, University of Victoria
Carol Ewashen, CASN Board of Directors, Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary
Clémence Dallaire, CASN President (Ex officio)
Cynthia Baker, CASN Executive Director (Ex officio)
CASN Staff Liaison