Advocacy Committee

CASN Advocacy Committee
Operational Committee  

The Advocacy Committee is an ad hoc committee, created to promote the CASN strategic priority of advancing CASN’s voice for nursing education, leadership, partnership, and policy. An impetus for establishing it is the renegotiation of the Canada Health Accord scheduled for 2014. The committee functions within established CASN policies and guidelines. It is the recommending body for advocacy action taken by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing and reports directly to the CASN Board of Directors.

Terms of Reference

  • Develops strategic initiatives for CASN to influence federal, provincial, and territorial policy.
  • Establishes partnerships with CASN affiliate organizations to advance nursing education provincially and in the territories
  • Creates strategies in partnership with other national nursing organizations to respond to major political events such as federal elections, and the renegotiation of the Canada Health Accord.
  • Reviews and updates the CASN White Paper on a regular basis.
  • Report on its activities to the Board of Directors twice a year.

Term of Office and Membership
To help ensure continuity, the terms of office for members will be staggered between two and three years. The CASN Advocacy Committee consists of:

  • Six members from the CASN Board of Directors.
  • The Chair of the Advocacy Committee will be nominated and elected from within the membership of the Committee. Each Committee member is entitled to one vote.
  • One student representative nominated by the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association and appointed by the CASN Board of Directors.
  • The CASN President and Executive Director are ex-officio members of the Committee.
  • The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the Committee.

The CASN Advocacy Committee will normally meet by teleconference at the call of the Chairperson.

Approved by CASN Board of Directors: November 2011