Accreditation Bureau


Accreditation Bureau

The Accreditation Bureau is a standing committee of CASN, functions within established CASN policy and guidelines, is the decision-making body regarding CASN accreditation status and terms and reports to Council.

Terms of Reference

  • The evaluation of a baccalaureate or graduate program in nursing and the accreditation decision granted is the responsibility of the Accreditation Bureau.
  • A simple majority constitutes a quorum for decisions by the Accreditation Bureau.
  • The members of the Accreditation Bureau serve and vote as individuals and not as representatives of their home institution.
  • Accreditation decisions are reported twice yearly by the Accreditation Bureau to the CASN Board of Directors and are reported annually to CASN Council.

Term of Office and Membership
The term of office is three years and a member can be re-appointed or stand for election for a second term, with the exception of the regulatory body representative.

The Accreditation Bureau consists of ten members:

  • Five members, with full-time faculty positions in CASN Member Schools, elected by CASN Council;
  • One representative of a service agency nominated by the Canadian Nurses Association;
  • One academic representative nominated by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada;
  • One community representative selected by CASN Executive Committee;
  • One regulatory body representative selected by CASN Executive Committee (The term of office for the regulatory body representative is two years for one term only.);
  • One consumer (student/graduate) representative, nominated by CASN Member Schools, and appointed by CASN Executive Committee;
  • The CASN President and Executive Director are non voting ex officio members of the Accreditation Bureau;
  • The Chair is elected each year; any voting member may be nominated to stand for election as the Chairperson; the Chairperson is elected by the members who hold full time faculty appointments with a CASN Member School;
  • The Accreditation Bureau Chair is an ex officio member of the CASN Board of Directors;
  • Nurse faculty members must be currently involved in baccalaureate or graduate programs in nursing, have a minimum education of a Master’s degree in nursing or equivalent degree, and five years’ teaching experience in a baccalaureate or graduate program in nursing;
  • No member of CASN Council shall be appointed to the Accreditation Bureau;
  • Accreditation Bureau Members sign commitment forms and comply with CASN Conflict of Interest Guidelines, May 2004;
  • At least five members of the Accreditation Bureau shall be able to read documents in both French and English;
  • Members should have experience/knowledge of standards and quality improvement; and,
  • Management support is provided by the Accreditation Director and Program Officer.

The Accreditation Bureau will normally meet a minimum of twice per year and at other times as required, on the call of the Chair.

Current Membership

Faculty Members

Pauline Paul, University of Alberta, AB

Molly Westland, Fleming College, ON

Jan Landeen, McMaster University, ON

Cécile Michaud, Université Sherbrooke, PQ


CNA Service Agency Rep

Thérèse Antoun, Montford Hospital, ON

AUCC Member

Rita Caldwell, Dalhousie University, NS

Community Member

Chris Rutherford, ON

Regulatory Member

Paula Prendergast, College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia

Student/Graduate Member

Julie Langlois, Queen’s University, ON

Ex Officio Members

Linda Ferguson, CASN President Cynthia Baker, CASN Executive Director