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Task Force on Nursing Master’s Education

CASN Task Force on Nursing Master’s Education Operational CommitteeMandate
To draft Guiding Principles and Essential Components to promote high quality Nursing Masters Education in Canada. Terms of ReferenceTo identify c…More

Accreditation Program Pilot Test Advisory Group

To provide a consensus of collective advisement to pilot test Schools and Reviewers during pilot testing and early program implementation of the 2005 CASN Accreditation Program.

Terms of Reference (SD-2.10.1)

Taskforce on Clinical Education

CASN Task Force on Clinical PlacementsOperational CommitteeMandate
To examine the current state of clinical placements in nursing education in Canada, and explore new approaches, with the goal of expanding available clin…More

Task Force on Nurse Practitioner Education

CASN Task Force on Nurse Practitioner EducationOperational Committee Mandate
To revise the CASN position statement on NP education to include information on standards, to draft e…More

Task Force on Governance

MandateTo review governing documents on an annual basis thus ensuring continued relevance and applicability, and to make recommendations regarding the review of the governing documents to the CASN Board of Directors. Ter…More

Public Health Task Force

The CASN Public Health Task Force will provide advice and guidance to CASN regarding the Public Health Agency of Canada funded project “Mobilising the Development of Entry to Practice Discipline Specific…More