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We are honored to have been recognized for our efforts to advance the quality of Canadian nursing education. Here are some kind words from people that we appreciate:

“CASN’s accreditation is recognized worldwide as an important objective method to review professional education programs.” “We all know that health care and the delivery of health care are always and forever changing. CASN recognizes this and wants to ensure that nursing education – and now NP education – programs are at the cutting edge of program delivery”

Dr. Darlene Pierce

“The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing highlights the opportunity to appreciate the courage and commitment that nurses, nurse educators, and nursing students display every day in the face of an increasingly complex and challenging health care profession”            

Creston Valley Advance

“Nursing is one of the most popular programs we have at UNBC, and knowing that our program meets the rigorous requirements of CASN ensures our graduates will provide high quality care as registered nurses to the people of northern B.C.”

Daniel Weeks, (formerly) UNBC President

“The accreditation by CASN is another feather in the cap for the program.”…”It gives our students confidence and affirms for them that we meet not only provincial but national benchmarks, the highest standards,”

Yvonne Moritz, (formerly) Dean Science, Technology and Health for Okanagan College

Here are a few other places that have mentioned CASN’s Work: 

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