Task Force on Governance

Task Force on Governance
MandateTo review governing documents on an annual basis thus ensuring continued relevance and applicability, and to make recommendations regarding the review of the governing documents to the CASN Board of Directors. Terms of Reference

  • Review governance models and recommend a model that will assist in the clarification of the roles of the Executive Committee, the Accreditation Bureau, the Board of Directors, the Council, and National Office staff.
  • Review the Bylaws every five years.Review other governance documents.
  • Develop policies on corporate sponsorship and financial management.
  • Report to the Board of Directors annually.
  • There shall be regular communications between the Chair of this Task Force and the Chair of the Standing Committee on Strategic Planning through the CASN National Office Staff;To provide a final report to the Board of Directors and Council by November 2010.


  • Faculty from CASN member schools with expertise in governance representing the Atlantic, Western, Ontario and Quebec regions.
  • One external representative with expertise in governance.
  • A member of the CASN Board of Directors will be appointed to serve as a communication linkage between the Task Force and the Board of Directors.
  • The Chair of the Task Force will be selected from among the membership.
  • CASN President and Executive Director (ex-officio member).
  • Staff liaison person (ex-officio member).

Term of AppointmentTerm of appointment will be at the discretion of the CASN Executive Committee. Reporting RelationshipsThe Chair of the Task Force on Governance will communicate the activities of the Task Force on a regular basis to the Chair of the Standing Committee on Strategic Planning and the CASN Board of Directors. MeetingsThe Task Force will normally meet via teleconference, a minimum of twice a year and at other times at the call of the Chair, to fulfill its mandate. Support for meetings and the work of the Task Force will be provided by an assigned National Office staff member. Current MembershipChair: Kathryn Munn, CASN Board of Directors         Kileen Tucker Scott, CASN Board of DirectorsHope Graham, St. Francis Xavier University                Lynnette Leeseberg Stamler, President, CASNDonna Lynn Smith, University of Alberta                      Jo-Anne Swanson, Director of Corporate ServicesRiek van den Berg, The Ottawa Hospital