Post CASN Council 2022 Report

CASN thanks you for a wonderful 2022 Council meeting!

Post Council22-ThankYou-IGCASN held its 2022 Virtual Council Meeting from November 21-22. The event was chaired by CASN President, Linda Patrick, and Executive Director, Cynthia Baker.

We were honoured by an opening song and blessing from Grandmother Irene Compton of the Minwaashin Lodge. We heard important updates on the Association’s operations, strategic initiatives, finances, and accreditation programs.

We were privileged to host a variety of presenters and speakers who promoted important nursing education topics, which inspired meaningful discussions and reflection from participants from across the country and beyond.

During the CASN Awards ceremony, we honoured esteemed colleagues for their contributions to nursing education.

The Council meeting concluded following the introduction of the 2022/2023 CASN Board of Directors, introduction of the Awards and Nomination Committee members and CASN Accreditation Bureau members.

CASN extends our thanks to the event sponsors, and Pat Griffin virtual silent auction donors and participants who helped raise over $850 in support of nursing education research.

Finally, we would like to thank the more than 260 attendees from across the country and beyond for joining us virtually during this critical time for nursing education, and for helping make the 2022 CASN Council a success.

For a full recap of the event, please see the summary below.

Summary of Events

Day 1 Summary

Annual General Meeting

1. Call to Order

Post-Council22-1-Grandmother Irene2. Words of Welcome, Announcements, and Indigenous Blessing


3. Adoption of Agenda

  • Adopted as written

4. Approval of Minutes, November 2021

5. Treasurer’s Report

  • Auditor’s Report was delivered and adopted as written

Post-Council22-4-Awards16. Awards and Nominations

  • Report from the Awards and Nominations Committee
  • Nominations for the Board of Directors and Committees

7. Appointment of the Auditor 2022/23 – Approved

8. Report from the President, Linda Patrick

9. Report from the Executive Director, Cynthia Baker

10. National Student and Faculty Survey Results, including inaugural Indigenous Student and Faculty Survey resultsPost-Council22-3-NSFS

11. Cross-Country Check-Up with Canada’s new Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) – Dr. Leigh Chapman

12. Breakout Rooms: The Nursing Shortage and its Impact on Nursing Education: Issues and Solutions

13. Closing Remarks

14. Awards Recognition EventPost-Council22-4-Awards1


  • Nursing Education Excellence (Tenured) Award: Tracey L. Clancy
  • Nursing Education Excellence (Non-tenured) Award: Laura A. Killam
  • Nursing Research Excellence Award: Michael McGillion
  • Academic Administrative Excellence Award: Joanna Pierazzo
  • Wendy McBride Award for Accreditation Reviewer Excellence: Linda Ferguson
  • Post-Council22-5-Awards2Ethel Johns Award: Margaret Edwards

15. Pat Griffin Research Grant Recipients


  • Sandra Goldsworthy
  • Kara Sealock


Post-Council22-6-Awards316. CNEI Fellows Induction

Fellows Inducted

  • Martha MacLeod
  • Dean Care
  • Marcia Hills

Day 2 Summary

Graduate Studies Forum

Theme: Promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Master’s and Doctoral Nursing Education

17. Welcoming Remarks – Nancy Carter

18. Post-Council22-7-GSF-Topic1Topic 1: Graduate students’ experiences with EDI issues

Moderator: Donna Martin


  • Lin Li
  • Jess Crawford
  • Ovie Onagbeboma

19. Topic 2: Faculty insights into EDI issues

Post-Council22-8-GSF-Topic2Moderator: Shelley Raffin Bouchal


  • Erin Ziegler
  • Bukola Salami
  • Jennifer Jackson
  • Katrina Plamondon


Undergraduate Forum

Post-Council22-9-USF-Topic1Theme: Rethinking Clinical Practice Models

20. Welcoming Remarks – Cheryl Pollard

21. Topic 1: Competency Models

Moderator: Cheryl Pollard


  • Lenora Marcellus
  • Nicole Harder

22. Topic 2: Principles of teaching, evaluation, and supervision

Moderator: Cheryl Pollard

Post-Council22-10-USF-Topic223. Breakout Rooms: Teaching, evaluation, and supervision

24. Facilitator reports on key principles identified

25. Topic 3: Competency-based clinical education as an alternative to time-based models

Moderator: Cheryl Pollard


  • Jennifer Dunsford
  • Vladan Protudjer

26. Indigenous Closing by Grandmother Irene Compton

27. Announcement of Elections Results

28. Introduction the new Board of Directors/Committee members

29. Post-Council22-12-NewBoardClosing Remarks

We hope to you see you at CASN’s 2023 Council Meeting!

Post-Council22-13-CASNstaffRegister now for CASN’s Biennial Canadian Nursing Education Conference 2023 in beautiful St. John’s Newfoundland!