Provincial Information

Provincial Information

British Columbia
Ministry of Health, Office of the Provincial Health Officer’s Ebola Web-site:

Guidance for clinical staff in primary care, including family physicians’ offices, urgent care centres and walk-in clinics:

CRNBC – Ebola outbreak in West Africa:

CRNBC – Communicable Diseases: Preventing Nurse-to-Client Transmission:

CRNBC – Duty to Provide Care:

CRNBC – Practice Support Resources:

BC Centre for Disease Control – Ebola:

Alberta Ministry of Health, Health information on Ebola virus disease:

Alberta Health Services, Memorandum forwarded to CASN by member school – Mount Royal University, School of Nursing: Download Memorandum

Alberta Health Services, Ebola Information:

Alberta Health Services, Ebola Virus Frequently Asked Questions (for staff):–ebola-staff-faq.pdf

Care of the Seriously or Critically Ill Patient with Possible or Proven Ebola Virus Disease (EVD):

CARNA – Ebola Update:

Saskatchewan Health Ministry, Public Health Updates – Ebola:

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Guidance for Primary Health Care Providers in Saskatchewan:

SRNA – Ebola Information:

Public Health – Ebola:

Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Infection Prevention and Control Interim Guidelines:

CRNM – Duty to Provide Care in a Disease Outbreak (Fact Sheet):

Public Health Ontario, Infection Diseases:

Initial assessment and management of the returning traveller from countries/areas affected by Ebola virus disease: Primary Care Providers:

CNO – Ebola Resources for Nurses:

CMOH Directive – Document forwarded to CASN by member school – Trent-Fleming School of Nursing: Download Directive

Problèmes de santé – Ebola :

Maladie à virus Ebola: mesures de prévention et de contrôle pour les hôpitaux :

OIIQ : Dossier Ebola – Prévenir et contrôler la maladie à virus Ebola :

New Brunswick
Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa – Guidelines for Healthcare Providers:

Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa – Update for Healthcare Providers:

NANB – Ebola Virus Disease:

Nova Scotia
Communicable Disease Prevention and Control – Ebola:

Health and Wellness – Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa:

CRNNS – Ebola Update:

CRNNS – Position Statement: Core Competencies for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in an Emergency/Disaster:

CRNNS – Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Standardized Triage Screening Tool:

Capital Health, Ebola preparedness underway:

Prince Edward Island
Health Professional Resources:

ARNPEI – Ebola Virus Disease:

Protecting Public Health for Families and Communities:

ARNNL – Ebola Awareness:

The Yukon
Ebola Information (please see the links further down on the YRNA home page):

The Northwest Territories
Health and Social Services – Ebola:

(General) Information for Health professionals:

Ebola Virus Disease – Commonly Asked Questions:

Ebola Information for Public:

RNANTN – Ebola Virus:

Ebola Virus Disease:

Fact Sheet: Ebola Virus Disease:

RNANTN – Ebola Virus: