June 13th, 2002:Nursing Schools Celebrate 60 Years


Attention: Health care reporters and editors; members of the parliamentary press gallery; assignment editors


( 13 June 2002 – Ottawa )

The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) celebrated its 60th birthday today and adopted a new constitution to position the 85 member schools for future success.

Dr. Marianne Lamb, President of CASN, led the deans and directors of member schools in saluting 60 years of university level nursing education and an historic new constitution. “Nursing academics, educators and researchers in Canada can celebrate CASN’s birthday for a number of reasons”

  • steady progress toward the Bachelor’s degree as entry to practice
  • a strong, vibrant network of universities and colleges across Canada
  • nation-wide collaboration between university and college nursing programs
  • the diversity of teaching modalities
  • a steady increase in applications to nursing schools
  • the calibre of our graduates
  • the growth of nursing research projects and researchers

The first Bachelor’s degree Program in Nursing was established at the University of British Columbia in 1919. CASN was formed in 1942 by the 8 existing university level schools. By 2002, 85 universities, university colleges and community colleges have nursing schools which are members of CASN.

Wendy McBride, Executive Director of CASN, said “There continue to be many challenges to nursing practice, education and research; however, there are many successes as well over the past 60 years. CASN has played – and continues to play – an important and increasingly strong role in the advancement of nursing, nursing education, and research. Celebrate these successes and look the future of CASN!”

CASN member schools are looking to the future by adopting a new constitution and structure for the organization. “Equal membership by colleges and universities recognizes the growing number of collaborative partnerships in nursing education. The new Board and Committee structure will position CASN to develop the necessary data and evidence to advocate for more funding for nursing education, more seats for students, and new innovative means of educating students by distance and in clinical settings”, stated Lamb. “Nursing education is fundamental to the quality of health care in Canada. We, as nursing educators and schools administrators, are doing our part to ensure that quality through quality nursing education and high calibre nursing graduates!”

The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) is the national voice of nursing education and scholarship.

60 years of Success in Nursing Education and a Bright Future. CASN celebrates its birthday and new constitution.

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