Public Health Practitioners are invited to Fireside Chats on Public Health Workforce Development Projects

February 16th, 2012:  Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Sub-committee on Public Health (CASN) and the Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC).

In this fourth Fireside Chat in a series of five,co-sponsored by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and CHNET-Works!, CASN and CHNC will present their public health workforce development projects.

The Fireside Chat will be held from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm EST.

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Join us to learn about:

•    Continuing education programs;
•    Competency sets and implementation tools;
•    Continuing professional competency programs;
•    Technology to manage surveillance data in the field; and
•    Practicum placement tools.


The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) Sub-Committee on Public Health has a mandate to assist CASN members in ensuring baccalaureate nursing graduates are prepared to meet the Canadian Community Health Nursing Standards of Practice (Community Health Nurses of Canada) at an entry-to-practice level. Extensive consultations with community health nursing educators, public health nursing managers and practitioners, and additional stakeholders found many schools were facing challenges in providing quality community health nursing clinical experiences to their students. In response to this need, the Guidelines for Quality Community Health Nursing Clinical Placements were developed by the Sub-Committee.  Ongoing consultation activities that informed the development of these Guidelines included a national survey, focus groups and meetings held in conjunction with national conferences. It is hoped the Guidelines will provide a framework to assist schools of nursing in addressing both the challenges and potential of the changing context of community health nursing student clinical placements.

Advisors on Tap:

Marie Dietrich Leurer R.N, PhD

Assistant Professor College of Nursing,

University of Saskatchewan

Marieis an Assistant Professor with the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan.  She has a BScN (College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan), a MBA (University of Regina) and a PhD (Community Health and Epidemiology, University of Saskatchewan). She has worked as a Public Health Nurse for over twenty-five years, primarily in rural Saskatchewan. Her professional practice and research interests include public health nursing education and practice, population and public health research, and knowledge translation and utilization to assist in the development of policies that promote health at individual, family, community and population health levels.

Jo Ann Tober, BScN, RN, MSc, PhD, CCHN(C)

Sub-committee Co-Chair

Jo Ann received her BScN from McMaster University, and MSc & PhD from Waterloo University. She also has a certificate in Community Health Nursing. Jo Ann has worked in public health for over 20 years, initially as a PHN in Waterloo Region and later as a Director at the Brant County Health Unit. She has been the Executive Director of the Brant County Health Unit since 2002. She is currently the President of ANDSOOHA the Ontario Public Health Nursing Management Association and is the Co- Chair of the Canadian Association Schools of Nursing Sub-committee on Public Health.

Who should attend the presentation? 

Anyone involved in the community health nursing education such as educators, community health managers and practitioners, representatives from community health organizations, community health



The Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) is a national federation of community health nurses with credibility and respect that is well positioned to be the voice for community health nurses (CHN) from coast to coast to coast. That voice is critical as Canadians search for solutions to the challenges facing the health system and their health. CHNC will present an overview of the development of Public Health Discipline Specific Competencies and Blueprint for Action that contribute to CHN capacity to work to full scope of practice and lead collaborative action to address the determinants, policies and health system factors that influence the health of Canadians.


Ruth Schofield RN, BScN, MSc(T)

CHNC President

Ruth Schofield is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University School of Nursing and teaches community health nursing in the Early Years program with the McMaster Faculty of Medicine. Ruth is President of the Community Health Nurses of Canada, RNAO Board member, Member of the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Subcommittee on Public Health, Past-President of the Community Health Nurses Initiatives Group, and past OPHA Board of Directors member. She worked in public health nursing for over 23 years in various programs and positions. Ruth’s research focuses on mental health and housing, inter-professional education, community health, and child/family health.

Cheryl Armistead RN, MScN

CHNC Secretary

Cheryl is a University of Ottawa Masters in Primary Health Care Nursing graduate who coordinates a McGill University community health nursing program. Cheryl is the CHNC Secretary and Chair of the Political Action and Advocacy Committee.  Recent CHNC activities include the 2010 Collaborative Statement endorsing adoption of the WHO child growth standards in Canada and the subsequent 2011 Growth Monitoring Training Package project; the 2011 Blueprint for Action for Community Health Nursing in Canada that outlines aframework for development of CHN in Canada; and a CHNC 2011 national conference inter-professional Environmental Advocacy Workshop.

Who should attend the presentation?

Public health nurses/community health nurses, educators, researchers, managers and other related Public Health professionals in addition to persons responsible for establishing health policy and healthy public policy.

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