Standing Committee on Research & Scholarship

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Standing Committee on Research and Scholarship


To fulfill the responsibility of CASN’s mission for the advancement of nursing knowledge and development of nursing research capacity.

Terms of Reference

  • To develop policy, position statements and guidelines on issues related to research and scholarship including the conduct of nursing research, the adherence to accepted ethical principles, the dissemination of nursing knowledge and the training of nurse researchers.
  • To develop and implement a national nursing research strategy. (SD-2.7, 3.1, 3.2)
  • To promote the development of the science of nursing education. (SD-2.7, 3.2)
  • To respond to external requests for representation and for input into national submissions and statements. (SD-1,1, 1.5, 5)
  • To prepare CASN’s response to national proposals relating to knowledge generation and knowledge transfer. (SD-1.1, 1.3)
  • To advocate for funding to support nursing education and health research and the training of nurse researchers. (SD-2, 2.7)
  • To hold forums/conferences for members on issues related to research and scholarship. (SD-1.1, 2.7, 3)
  • To develop and implement a national nursing research strategy in collaboration with the Canadian Consortium on Research Innovation. (SD-3.2.6)
  • To build nursing research capacity and heighten the profile of nursing research. (SD 1.1, 2.7)
  • To recommend to the Board of Directors the establishment of Ad Hoc/Task Forces working parties.
  • There shall be regular communications between the Chair of the Standing Committee and its respective Task Forces.
  • To report to the Board of Directors and Council meeting annually.

Term of Office and Membership

The term of office is two (2) years and voting members of the Committee are:

  • Chair, appointed from within the Board of Directors
  • Co-Chair is the President-Elect
  • Four (4) other members who are researchers or scholars, who are actively involved in research activities, appointed by the Board
  • One member who is an Associate Dean for Research (or equivalent) in university sector
  • The President and Executive Director will be ex-officio members


The committee will normally meet by teleconference a minimum of twice per year and at other times, at the call of the Chair, to fulfill its mandate. Support for meetings and the work of the committee will be provided by an assigned National Office staff member.

Current membership

Clémence Dallaire, Université Laval, (Chair)
Linda Ferguson, University of Saskatchewan
Anita Molzahn, University of Alberta
Aroha Page, Nipissing University
Marilyn Macdonald, Dalhousie University
Cynthia Baker, CASN Executive Director (Ex-officio)