Standing Committee on Education

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Standing Committee on Education
CASN Operational Committee


To advance CASN’s objective of establishing and promoting national standards of excellence, innovation, and high quality in Nursing Education in Canada.

Terms of Reference

  • To develop policy position statements and educational guidelines regarding content and quality of Undergraduate and Graduate Education to inform the CASN Accreditation program, the membership, and stakeholders.
  • To respond to external requests for input into national issues related to Nursing Education.
  • To develop and update a glossary of relevant curricular and accreditation related terms.
  • To review outputs of CASN’s special projects to assess their fit with CASN’s educational policies.
  • To hold forums and conferences for the Association’s members on issues related to Nursing Education, including collaborative education and graduate education as required.
  • To forward relevant issues to the CASN Accreditation Advisory Committee as required.
  • To recommend the establishment of ad hoc working parties and sub-committees.
  • To report to the CASN Board of Directors at least annually.

Term of Office and Membership

The term of office is two (2) years. Members of the Committee are;

  • Two Co-Chairs of the committee appointed by the Board of Directors (renewable term).
  • Co-Chairs of the CASN Sub-Committee on Baccalaureate Education.
  • Co-chairs of the CASN Sub-Committee on Graduate Studies.
  • One faculty member teaching or coordinating in the Undergraduate Nursing Education program (renewable term).
  • One faculty member teaching or coordinating in the Graduate Nursing Education program (renewable term).
  • Board liaison member from each of the Special Education Project committees.
  • The CASN President and the Executive Director will be Ex officio members.


The committee will normally meet by teleconference a minimum of twice per year and at other times, at the call of the Co-Chairs, to fulfill its mandate. Support for meetings and the work of the committee will be provided by the CASN Education Programs Coordinator. Approved: March 2012


Jacinthe Pepin (Co-Chair), Faculté des sciences infirmières, Université de Montréal
Kirsten Woodend (Co-Chair), Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
Linda Patrick, Faculty of Nursing, University of Windsor
Landa Terblanche, School of Nursing, Trinity Western University
Esther Sangster-Gormley, School of Nursing, University of Victoria
Mary-Ellen Andrews, College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan
Linda Ferguson, CASN President (Ex officio)
Cynthia Baker, CASN Executive Director (Ex officio)
CASN Staff Liaison