Canadian Nursing and Genomics

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In early 2020 the Canadian Nursing and Genomics (CNG) steering group (in partnership with Athabasca University, Memorial University, and Ontario Genomics) was formed to help nurses respond to advances in genomics and the emergence of precision health. The CNG aims to support Canadian nurses to develop genomic literacy and accelerate the integration of genomics into nursing practice. 

Below are a series of whiteboard videos developed by the Canadian Nursing and Genomics Steering committee. 

The first video (1:15) covers the importance of genomics to patients and thus nurses: 

The second video (1:30) explains the engagement framework and the six priorities for action:

This third video (1:28) describes nursing intraprofessional collaboration across the five domains of practice as a strategy to support nurses to integrate genomics into practice: 

This fourth video (1:33) explains how nurses with genomic literacy can address the social, equity and ethical issues associated with genomics to ensure genomics and precision healthcare benefit everyone.

Visit the Canadian Nursing & Genomics website for more information.