Code of Professional Conduct and Conflict of Interest

The Board of Directors expects of itself and its members ethical, business like and the highest standard of conduct. This includes proper use of authority and appropriate fairness, integrity and dignity when acting as Board of Directors’ members. It expects its members to treat one another and staff members with respect, cooperation, and a willingness to deal openly on all matters.

Council members shall:

1. Serve their association faithfully

2. Strictly adhere to a highest standard of integrity and honesty

3. Be diligent in performing CASN’s business

4. Inform CASN of any research/education initiatives on which the Board of Directors is making decisions. Board Liability CASN carries Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance to cover the operations of the Board of Directors. The insurance is applicable so long as members are not in conflict of interest and are exercising reasonable care, skill and diligence in all circumstances involving Board of Directors’ activity. Ultimately, however, Board of Directors’ members are liable for their actions where insurance coverage is not available.

Approved by Executive Committee, September 2000
Revised April 2002
Reviewed April 2005