CASN is pleased to share a series of presentations related to abortion care content in nursing education!

Health professional education plays a role in increasing access to abortion care, yet not all nurse practitioner (NP) or registered nurse (RN) education programs include abortion care as part of their curriculum (Paynter, 2022; Carson et al., 2023). There is a need to include, or increase, abortion care content in nursing education programs.

To provide guidance to schools of nursing to increase abortion care content in curricula, CASN held an Education Webinar on March 26, 2024 on integrating abortion care competencies into nursing education.

To view the presentation please see the links below:

Dr. Martha Paynter, the current state of abortion care in Canada

Emily McKay, how nurses are positioned to break down barriers to abortion access

Kerry Rusk, Integrating the competencies into a concept-based curriculum

Michele Janet McIntosh, Integrating the competencies into an inquiry-based curriculum

Cat Walker, Prescribing for medication abortion