Embracing ChatGPT in Nursing Education and Practice


May 10th 2024 12:30 – 2:30 MST


An inspiring webinar designed to empower nurse educators across various settings. As technology rapidly advances, healthcare delivery, education, and research are undergoing a paradigm shift. This webinar aims to keep you at the forefront of these changes by focusing on the integration of AI and large language models (LLMs) using ChatGPT as an example in nursing education and practice. During this webinar, practical applications of ChatGPT in classroom teaching, clinical education, simulation, and lab environments, as well as its role in general nursing practice will be demonstrated using live demos and exemplars, providing a thought-provoking experience of how ChatGPT can be effectively utilized in each of these areas.


Suggested pre-reading

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Abdolreza Akbarian RN, MN
Shauna Davies RN, PhD
Wendy Ducharme RN, MN
Laura Vogelsang RN, PhD
Pamela Farthing RN, PhD
Manal Kleib RN, PhD