Expand your nursing career. Learn more about doctoral nursing programs at the University of Toronto

A graduate education from Bloomberg Nursing at the University of Toronto, prepares nurses to improve access to quality health care through innovative research and evidence-based knowledge translation. The programs enrich leadership skills in graduates and build their capacity to influence health policy and nursing practice at a local, national, and global level.

Our PhD program builds on a theoretical foundation in nursing science and teaches graduates to conduct research studies of relevance and importance to nursing science. The program also contributes to the continuation of excellent nursing education of both undergraduate and graduate students and boasts notable alumni including Canada’s Chief Nursing Officer Leigh Chapman and Ontario’s Chief of Nursing and Professional Practice Karima Velji.

The Doctor of Nursing program is designed to prepare graduates for roles in executive leadership, mid-and senior level leadership in government, and teaching roles in nursing education. It provides a formal academic structure, to those looking to advance their nursing career and includes two internship opportunities as well as a thesis-based project that invites students to investigate a challenge and propose actionable strategies that address the problem.

Applications for both programs are now open. The deadline to apply is April 30, 2024, but early applications are recommended.

The University of Toronto offers an Indigenous Tuition Waiver to eligible graduate students from nine identified First Nations Communities in Ontario, who are not in a funded program. This would apply to applicants to the Doctor of Nursing program.

Find out more about the PhD in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing by exploring the Learn with Us section of our website.

Questions about the programs and their offerings can be directed to connect.nursing@utoronto.ca