What if we prepared nursing students for the ‘raw-edges of nursing life’ from the very beginning? A question of innovation and primary prevention

Innovation and primary prevention


In this presentation, we utilize ‘Design Thinking’ built on Marion Leary’s webinar Rethinking Innovation in Nursing Leadership (2023, May 10), as a template for re-imagining how to implement trauma-informed care as an essential element for nurses’ well-being in undergraduate nursing education curricula. DesignThinking, is a human-centred practice and an iterative process; at its foundation, it requires empathy (listening/observing through shared stories), engaged-imagining, and co-creating.  From a primary prevention perspective, how might we prepare student nurses for the complex realities of contemporary nursing practice? We will explore the question of how (or not) as nurse educators we prepare students to engage early with experiences of suffering, loss, and/or grief (raw edges of nursing life), that has the potential if left unattended to contribute to psychological trauma in their practice.

Date and Time

Thursday, June 22, 2023
12 EDT


Michelle Spadoni, RN, MA (N), DNP, Associate Professor, Lakehead University School of Nursing
Caroline Sabotig RN, BScN, Simulation Lab Coordinator, Lakehead University School of Nursing




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