Developing a Canadian education strategy for nursing and genomics


Given the scale and pace of genomics discoveries and the rise of precision healthcare, there are additional opportunities to improve health outcomes across the continuum of care. Nurses with genomic literacy have a vital role in assessing patient needs, providing education and psychosocial support, addressing pharmacogenomics, and designing and implementing genomics-informed interventions. In the 2022 National Nursing Education Framework, CASN recognized the need for greater emphasis on genomics in nursing education and added genomics as a foundational knowledge for nursing practice. To respond to the evolving field of genomics, nursing faculty are now considering curriculum changes to ensure that genomic content supports safe, equitable and ethical nursing practice and research.

This presentation will provide an overview of genomics-informed nursing practice, precision healthcare, and examples of how nurses use genomics in everyday/night practice. Concrete education strategies for undergraduate and graduate education are offered to assist nurse educators to prepare the nursing workforce for the genomics era of healthcare. Engaging nurses from all domains of practice will support sustainable strategies that lead to genomic literacy and nurses who are fully engage in interprofessional collaborative care and research involving genomics. Preliminary findings from a Canadian survey measuring nurses’ interest and competencies in genomics provide a context for this presentation.

Date: Wednesday, February 22nd

Time: 12:00 pm (EST)

Language: English

Cost: Free