CASN Launches Quality Nursing Education Insights Portal

June 20, 2022 – Ottawa, Ontario – Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (“CASN”) issued a statement today announcing a new portal featuring insights from its member schools related to current national nursing education challenges and opportunities.

“We are pleased to announce the recent launch of CASN’s Quality Nursing Education National Insights Portal (the “Portal”). Following a two-year battle with a global pandemic that seriously challenged Canada’s already complex health care system, schools of nursing are fighting to sustain high quality nursing education in the face of multiple challenges on all fronts. Through the portal, we will bring the issues that schools of nursing are facing to the public’s attention, and provide our leaders with solutions to support nursing education in rebuilding a sustainable nursing workforce in Canada,” said Cynthia Baker, Executive Director, CASN.

The Portal was developed in consultation with representatives from CASN’s member schools of nursing. It provides a mechanism for nursing faculty across Canada to share insights and key messages as they respond to the need for more nurses, and it offers national support to local initiatives. Users are encouraged to reference or download what they find helpful in the Portal for advocacy purposes in their local context related to the following topics:

  • Critical Nursing Shortage
  • Increased Seats, Sites, and Programs
  • Covid-19, In-Person Classes, Labs, and Clinical Placements
  • Government Collaboration and Investment

Maintaining Canada’s high quality of nursing education is critical to the health and well-being of Canadians. Nursing is a complex and emotionally demanding profession. It requires an in-depth theoretical and scientific foundation, strong clinical reasoning skills, solid clinical judgement, honed technical skills, compassion, caring, and emotional resilience. Nursing incompetence or nursing errors can put patients’ lives in jeopardy. Maintaining high-quality nursing care in Canada must remain paramount.

CASN member schools of nursing have been working tirelessly to ensure that the next generation of nurses continue to provide Canadians with high-quality care and look forward to strengthening alliances through communication, cooperation, and collaboration on strategies to resolve the current human resource issues our health systems are facing and rejuvenate health care.

In September 2022, CASN is planning to hold free information sessions about the Portal and the insights, in English and French. Registration for the sessions will be found on the Portal starting in August 2022.

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