CASN Residency Program to Reduce Nursing Shortages

January 27, 2022 – Ottawa, Ontario – Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (“CASN”) issued a statement today announcing a new program developed to address the current nurse shortages reported across the nation.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of CASN’s national Nursing Residency Program for new Registered Nurses (“Residency Program” or the “Program”). The Program was developed for health care institutions in response to national nursing shortages due to unsustainable working conditions compounded by the pandemic and the increasing demands facing new graduates.

“New grads require a robust orientation program, a progressive workload, guidance, supervised practice, topical learning workshops, and support for at least six months and up to a year. Our structured, competency-based Residency Program supports the integration of nursing graduates into the workforce who are competent, emotionally resilient, and retainable,” said Cynthia Baker, Executive Director, CASN.

From advanced beginner to competent registered nurse, CASN’s Residency Program will help reduce nursing shortages by growing a sustainable, retainable nursing workforce with increased capacity and competence.

The six-month competency-based Program begins with a five-day orientation provided by the health care institution, followed by a full preceptorship of the new graduate over an 11-week period. For the last three months of the Program, the preceptor-mentor provides as-needed information and support to the new graduate while they acclimatize to a full workload. During the six months, CASN provides virtual workshops to the new graduates.

Cost of the Program (curriculum, workshops, preceptor-mentor training, and competency-based evaluation rubrics) starts at $10,000 annually, plus $150 per preceptor-mentor course attendee. Prices are in CAD.

The prescribed Program partner roles include governments, health institutions, and preceptors. Government supports the participating health care institution with funding for the residency program. The institution provides new grad orientation and assigns a preceptor. The preceptor teaches, supervises, coaches, mentors, and supports the new grad as they progressively take on a full patient assignment.

CASN is holding free information sessions on the Program on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, in English and French. Registration for the sessions can be found on the Residency Program page of the Canadian Nurse Educator Institute website.

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