Registered Nurses Education in Canada Statistics 2019–2020

Registered Nurses Education in Canada Statistics 2019–2020The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) is pleased to present Registered Nurses Education in Canada Statistics, 2019–2020 — Registered Nurse Workforce, Canadian Production: Potential New Supply.

This annual report supports health human resources planning in both the nursing service and nursing education sectors. It represents the fruit of a strong partnership among national and provincial and territorial bodies and effective collaborative relationships with multiple stakeholders.

The report provides data and statistical analysis of:

  • the number of pre-licensure graduates eligible to apply for initial licensure/registration and enter the registered nurse (RN) workforce;
  • the number of RNs obtaining graduate qualifications;
  • the number of nurse practitioner (NP) graduates;
  • innovations in nursing education program access and delivery;
  • the composition of faculty delivering nursing education; and
  • faculty retention and recruitment.


Download the 2019-2020 report