Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Webinar Series


This webinar series is presented by members of the CASN TRC Adhoc Committee and will feature themes that support the responsiveness of the next generation of nurses and nurse educators in relation to the TRC’s “Calls to Action” in areas relevant to Indigenous health and Indigenous nursing education.

Title: Meaningful Reconciliation


This session will include an overview of the initiative taken by Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Nursing (MUNFON), the Centre for Nursing Studies (CNS) and Western Regional School of Nursing (WRSON) to respond to the TRC call to action #24 and the creation of a revised curriculum for the BN (Collaborative) program. A main goal threaded through the revision was Indigenization with a main objective of using a strength based approach. The schools acknowledge that Indigenization must occur at all levels of the academy. Key steps taken with this initiative will be explored including education to faculty members about what is meant by Indigenizing a curriculum as well as the specific content to be included in the curriculum. (Indigenous health issues, Indigenous teachings and practices etc.)


Erica (Samms) Hurley is a Mi’kmaw nurse educator at Western Regional School of Nursing, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. She is grounded in cultural knowledge which she draws upon for her work with various committees locally, provincially and nationally, which include the Institute Advisory Committee for Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes for Canadian Institute of Health Research, Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Advisory Committee for the Status of Women, and Memorial University’s President’s Advisory Committee on Aboriginal Affairs.

Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2019; 12:30pm -1:30 pm Newfoundland time (11:00 am Eastern)