Top 10 Adult Nursing Situations for High Fidelity Simulation

In 2017, CASN was approached by CAE, an aeronautics and health care simulations company, with the proposal of revising and updating a package of high-fidelity simulation scenarios for adults. CASN saw this as an opportunity to create national consensus-based recommendations identifying which complex clinical situations in adult care nursing are the most important to guarantee students have experienced prior to entering practice, as well as to support these consensus-based recommendations with scenarios adapted to the Canadian health care context and the Canadian entry-to-practice competencies.

The objective in developing the top 10 situations in adult nursing for high-fidelity simulation was to highlight the most important complex clinical events for baccalaureate nursing students to experience before entering practice, regardless of where they choose to work. The aim is to offer schools of nursing in Canada national, consensus-based recommendations, and associated teaching and learning resources, related to the use of high-fidelity simulation in the curriculum. The top ten situations selected are not intended to address all patient populations, all sectors of nursing care, and all types of simulation modalities. Rather they target adults, including the older adult, in complex acute care situations. The identification of key situations for simulation among other patient populations as well as other simulation modalities are being planned for the future.

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