Canadian Indigenous Nursing Association – Survey

Indigenous people in Canada are overrepresented in HIV infections. Given that nurses are often the first contact within the healthcare system, the Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association ( CINA) in collaboration with the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) ( is supporting the work of a  McMaster University Masters of Public Health student to learn how Indigenous Nurses can better support the wellbeing of Indigenous People living with HIV (IPLWH)?

As part of the study, a survey has been developed to obtain better information as to:

  • the level of education in nursing schools dedicated to mental health and HIV pyscho-social issues and;
  • a greater understanding of the amount of HIV related content currently in nursing curriculum.

We would greatly appreciate if you could take a few minutes to fill out the survey.
The link is:
There  is a short turnaround time.

The findings will be used by CINA to inform development of HIV-related programs specific to nurses providing care to Indigenous people living with HIV. Thank you for your support. For further information, please contact CINA at 613 724-4677 or the student researcher, Lacey VanEvery RPN, RN BScN, MPH Candidate,