Patient Safety for Nursing Faculty

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Course Dates: February 15, 22, March 1 & 15th, 2017, 1400-1530 hours Eastern time.

Course Description: This introductory-level webinar series provides participants with information about how to integrate concepts of patient safety into nursing curriculum. The course introduces the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s definitions, resources and strategies that will assist in the integration of meaningful learning experiences for students in all years of their baccalaureate nursing program and clinical practice. It will also expose participants to the current research in patient safety. Participants will learn about the nature of patient safety, reflect on their existing courses, hear about innovative practices and be able to enhance the quality of existing clinical and theoretical courses.

Audience: New and experienced faculty members and nursing education administrators of nursing programs who wish to more fully integrate the concepts of patient safety into their courses.

Course Objectives: By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define “patient safety” and other basic language and terms used in patient safety;
  2. Review the historical development of patient safety concepts;
  3. Describe patient safety culture (today’s environment);
  4. Discuss how various factors contribute to patient safety;
  5. Discuss philosophical approaches to patient safety in Canada and worldwide.
  6. Select CPSI tools and resources to support teaching patient safety;
  7. Learn about the educational programs, competencies and resources available for educators;
  8. Assess personal progress and set personal goals in building capacity with respect to courses and clinical teaching in patient safety;
  9. Identify strategies for incorporating patient safety concepts and competencies in the undergraduate curricula of theoretical and clinical courses; and,
  10. Initiate strategies to meet the challenges, to act on the opportunities and to build capacity with respect to patient safety.

Course Delivery: Four synchronous (real time) classes utilizing Adobe Connect and Dialogue Teleconferencing. Participant communications will be supported using a discussion forum and other applications through a Moodle learning platform. Learners will be required to have access to a library for course readings.

Course Workload: It is anticipated that learners will be required to submit two short learning activities, participate weekly in the discussion forum, and to prepare for class by completing the required readings.

Course Instructor
Dr. Deborah Tregunno, School of Nursing, Queen’s University

Registration Fee: $250.00