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The Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) is a not-for-profit organization that offers professional liability protection (PLP), legal assistance, risk management and education services to more than 140,000 eligible nurses of all designations across Canada.

If you have been granted a provisional or temporary licence during your nursing studies, you may be able to register for CNPS Core Services (which include PLP) through your provincial or territorial professional College or Association. For a full overview of how to register, depending on the jurisdiction in which you practice, please consult:

In addition to a wide variety of publications, nursing students may also attend legal risk management webinars and access case studies for free by submitting proof of their student status or identification. Refer to the CNPS website for their list of upcoming webinars. To register for these free student resources, please visit the CNPS Nursing Students page:

As a CNPS beneficiary, you have access to a wide range of services

  • Professional liability protection specifically tailored for nurses of all designations, whether providing care in a hospital, clinic, independent setting or as a volunteer
  • Personalized and confidential legal advice from lawyers specialized in health law
  • Education and expertise on legal trends and legislation that affect nursing practice
  • Occurrence-based protection, for any incident that occurred while a CNPS beneficiary, irrespective of when a claim arising from an incident is made or a civil action begins

Does the CNPS assist with complaints made to the nursing regulator?

The CNPS also offers an optional and additional Supplementary Protection program to nurses who are registrants of CNPS Core Services, which expands the circumstances in which a beneficiary can seek assistance from the CNPS to complaints from the nursing regulator. Assistance with regulatory matters generally includes assistance with complaints to the regulatory body and assistance with disciplinary and fitness-to-practise hearings. The option to apply for Supplementary Protection may be presented during the registration and renewal process. Please visit to learn more.

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