WEBINAR: Surmounting Stigma in Mental Health Diagnoses


Date:              Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CASN is pleased to have Dr. Judeline Innocent, Romie Christie and Tanya Condo present this timely webinar addressing the stigma that is too often associated with the presentation of mental health issues within our health care system and country more broadly. Our guest speakers will share both their professional and personal perspectives as they highlight ongoing research, resources available, and the value of peer support and hope to those living with mental health issues.

This webinar will be of particular interest to anyone working in the Canadian healthcare system, and educators who cover mental health issues in their courses or clinical placements.

Panel Speakers

Dr. Judeline Innocent, BN, MScN, PhD, RN, is Executive Dean of the School of Health and Community Services, Durham College, and an Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Dr. Innocent is a Designated Capacity Assessor, trained by the Ministry of Attorney General of Ontario to assess Ontarian’s mental capacity for financial and personal care decision making when required. She will speak in the context of a Capacity Assessor, and share her perspective on the impact stigma has on clinical setting and how educators can best prepare their students for a clinical practice that is free from stigmatization.

Romie Christie, is Manager of Opening Minds, an anti-stigma initiative of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. She will highlight some of the resources and research that has been done by the MHCC as it relates to the subject of stigmatization.

Tanya Condo, is Partnership Program Coordinator at the Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan. She will share her perspective as an individual living and working with stigma, and as a consumer of mental health services.

Dr. Gerri Lasiuk, a Certified Mental Health/Psychiatric Nurse and Associate Professor from the University of Saskatchewan, will act as moderator for the panel.