Excellence in Nursing Education (NON-TENURED) – Shannon Redmond (Langara College)

Award Winner #2Shannon Redmond is celebrated by her peers for her outstanding leadership, commitment and innovation in the delivery of simulation based education at the School of Nursing at Langara College, Vancouver British Columbia.

As Assistant Department Chair, Shannon spearheaded the adoption of the International Best Practice Standards for Nursing Simulation by our Nursing Faculty in 2014. This has contributed to a higher degree of professionalism and quality simulation education for our nursing students.  Faculty are now committed to this innovative teaching method in both academic and practice areas, which exposes students to unique simulated experiences such as inter-professional teamwork, patient safety, intimate partner violence and palliative care.

Shannon, with enthusiastic faculty and students, created policy manuals, four lab orientation videos, a skills resource website as well as a Standardize Patient program for actors to simulate patients.  She promoted a supportive lab environment to assist faculty in teaching professionalism.  By advocating that the lab be a professional clinical practice space, treat mannequins exactly as one would a real patient, and enact uniform policies within our lab, educators can now provide more opportunities for students to realistically simulate nursing practice.

Internationally, Shannon contributed to the revision of the 2015 International Nursing Association of Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) Best practice simulation standards.  Shannon with BC Lab Educators presented an INACSL simulation standards webinar with Inspirenet in 2014.   Her Langara poster presentation “A Roadmap for Success – Official Adoption of INACSL Best Practice Simulation Standards” was showcased in June 2015 at the INACSL conference in Atlanta, Georgia.