Excellence in Nursing Education (NON-TENURED) – Cheryl Pulling (Queen’s University)

Award Winner #3Cheryl Pulling is a devoted educator who strives to ensure high quality education for students, a healthy work environment for colleagues, and active engagement with all external stakeholders.  Her door is always open to students and colleagues, and she is exceptionally generous with her time and advice, genuinely considering this as a priority. She is always developing strategies and ideas to improve the undergraduate program.  Every year, she takes the lead in examining the undergraduate program to determine ways to make the program better for current students as well as thinking about future graduates. Making our program unique is important to Cheryl, especially giving our students the opportunity to experience a course, placement or opportunity that distinguishes their experiences at Queen’s University from other Universities. She is actively engaged with other programs and external partners to ensure excellent learning opportunities for the students. Cheryl sets high standards and expectations for herself as well as her colleagues.  Her ultimate goal is to provide the best possible undergraduate program possible. The undergraduate program at the School of Nursing at Queen’s University has a strong reputation, and this, in part, is due to the leadership of Cheryl Pulling. Through her mentorship of faculty and students, continual striving for consistency and fairness among educators and courses, and desire to create a unique experience for our students this reputation continues to grow stronger in an ever-changing healthcare and educational environment.