Module 1 – Teaching-Learning Philosophies and Theories



September 21, 2017 – November 2, 2017

Module Competencies:

By the end of this module, participants will have met the following educator competencies:

  1. Integrate learning theories to create optimal conditions for the development of knowledge, skills, attitude and judgement
  2. Articulate personal teaching and learning philosophy
  3. Distinguish between scholarship and scholarly activities
  4. Critically appraise scholarly work on teaching and learning
  5. Demonstrate rigorous and reflective thinking related to teaching and learning
  6. Generate meaningful insights regarding teaching and learning through the synthesis of existing knowledge


Nurse educators teaching in baccalaureate and/or graduate nursing education programs in Canada, and graduate students interested in pursuing an academic career.

Delivery: Online (Go-to-Webinar, Moodle & teleconferencing).

Timeframe: 7 weeks total;

Course requirements include:

1) participation in the live module webinars;
2) module discussion forums;
3) submission of an electronic portfolio; and
4) successful completion of the final online examination.

Please note: to complete the course requirements, you will require access to an online academic library system to retrieve required course readings.

This module is one of three modules making up the CASN Nurse Educator Program. Participants who complete all three modules in the program and pass the comprehensive exam covering the content of the three modules will be awarded a CASN Nurse Educator Program Certificate. Participants who successfully fulfill the requirements for this module will receive a document recognizing that they have completed module 1 of the program.

*Please note: the course is being offered in English, and registration is limited. The registration fee does not include the cost of the required course textbook. Participants are responsible for purchasing the required course textbook.

Required Course Textbook:

Oermann, M.H. (Ed). (2013). Teaching in nursing and role of the educator: The complete guide to best practice in teaching, evaluation and curriculum development. New York, NY: Springer Publishing. (ISBN-13: 978-0826195531        ISBN-10: 0826195539)