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In June of this year, the nursing world will come together in Seoul, South Korea for the International Council of Nurses biennial Conference.  With so many of our colleagues from around the globe in one place, the members of the Global Alliance for Leadership in Nursing Education and Science (GANES) will take advantage of this opportunity to meet and discuss the group’s new strategic plan.

In addition to the business meeting, GANES will be hosting a workshop to explore the ways in which it can contribute to the international efforts to ensure quality in nursing education.  With increasing levels of globalization, it is important to acknowledge that nursing faculty around the world are working to enhance the quality of nursing education and to find ways to measure and improve it. One mechanism that achieves this goal is accreditation, which ensures adherence to commonly agreed-upon standards and documents key metrics that are indicative of quality.  The members of GANES will present on accreditation in the United States of America, Canada, Portugal and South Africa, and the workshop will include an open forum for discussion on the common issues faced by educators related to accreditation and ensuring quality nursing education.

CASN has a long and proud history of accrediting nursing schools and programs, beginning with the Université de Montréal in 1987, and I’m looking forward to learning about the accreditation history, standards and processes that are used around the world.  More than that, I’m excited to share with workshop participants information about CASN’s own accreditation program, which is internationally recognized thanks to the quality of nursing education programs offered by the school of nursing in Canada.

If you’ll be in Korea this summer, please feel free to introduce yourself, and to join us for both the GANES business meeting and accreditation workshop.

Seoul 1Cynthia Baker, RN, PhD.
Executive Director, CASN

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