National Nursing Education Summit – Summary Report

Summit2014Healthcare in Canada is rapidly evolving, and Canadians are facing an unprecedented set of challenges in creating a sustainable health-care system. Acuity and intensity of care are increasing, and Canadians are living longer, often with multiple, complex chronic conditions.  Nurses are called upon to practise in increasingly diverse and innovative ways and settings, and they also play a profound role in influencing and leading change. New graduates must enter the workforce with highly sophisticated competencies to monitor and manage the treatment of physiologically and/or psychologically unstable and/or complex patients. Nursing in long-term care and community settings has grown as well, with continuing innovation in sites for care delivery, such as street health teams, family health teams and complex care.


To explore the education needs of the changing context for nursing, a national nursing education summit was held on October 31 and November 1, 2013. The summit brought together a group of nurse educators, regulators, practitioners and students from across Canada who are leading voices for system change, as well as leaders from other health professions with experience in transforming medical, pharmacy and physiotherapy education. Participants shared their visions for the future of nursing education. The outcome of the summit is a national nursing education strategy for the next generation of Registered Nurses. The strategy is comprised of a vision, four domains of action and five enablers.
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