Doctoral Education in Canada

2010doctoralThe concept for this project emerged during discussions at the 2009 CASN Graduate Studies and NP Educators Forum, where participants identified a need for data on current doctoral programs in nursing in Canada to inform the development of a national vision of doctoral education for nurses. To this end, CASN conducted a survey on current practices and program delivery modalities among the 15 nursing based doctoral programs across the country. The CASN Doctoral Forum Environmental Scan was sent electronically to each of the schools of nursing offering a doctoral program.

A preliminary report providing data on the programs who had responded prior to the May 27, 2010 Doctoral Forum was presented to the participants.

The CASN Doctoral Forum Environmental Scan (Appendix A) was sent to all 15 of the Doctoral Nursing Programs currently available in Canada. Of the 15 programs, 13 programs had responded as of October, 2010. This represents a response rate of 87%.

The following report is a compilation of the data received and has been prepared for dissemination at the November 2010 Graduate Studies and NP Educators Forum.

The overall aim of the survey was to provide information to CASN member schools about currently available doctoral programs in Canada and inform the development of new programs. The objectives were to:

  • Increase understanding of human resources related to doctoral nursing education in Canada.
  • Inform discussion at the CASN Graduate Studies and NP Educators Forum 2010.
  • Inform decisions related to the expansion of current programs and institution of new programs.
  • Provide an inventory of doctoral nursing programs in Canada.

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