Clinical is political: The contexts and challenges of NP education in three countries

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Free Webinar hosted by CASN on NP education in three countries.

Webinar Description
Although the impetus for implementation of the nurse practitioner (NP) roles in Australia, Canada and England has many similarities, the diverse political and professional contexts each offer their own unique sets of challenges.   In realigning the boundaries of their respective health care systems to more effectively address the needs of their client groups, NPs and advanced practice nurses move beyond their practice settings into policy advocacy and trans-professional roles for which their education may not adequately prepare them.

Delivery:  Online (Go-To-Webinar with teleconferencing); one hour presentation with opportunities for Q&A.

Date: October 1, 2014 at 4 PM Eastern Time

About the Presenter
Professor Sandra Dunn has been a leading researcher and educator in the development of the NP role in Australia.  She is currently on study leave, comparing and contrasting the education of nurse practitioners across several countries with particular emphasis on clinical preparation.  In this webinar she provides an overview of the Australian, English and Canadian political and regulatory contexts and explores the influence these have on NP/ advanced practice nurse education, with an emphasis on clinical education.  Following Sandra’s presentation, the audience is invited to share their own experiences and insights into the politics of advanced and extended clinical nursing practice.
Ruth Martin Misener, Associate Professor, Dalhousie University will moderate the webinar.
There is no cost for the webinar.
*Please note: this webinar is being offered in English, and registration is limited.

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