2011 CNA Nursing Leadership Conference

Nursing Leadership: So What? Now What?

2011 Nursing Leadership Conference

February 13-15, 2011

Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel

 Join Canada’s top nursing leaders in Montreal for the national biennial Nursing Leadership Conference!

The action-oriented 2011 Nursing Leadership Conference program will appeal to leaders in all roles and levels of experience. Designed to focus on real-time impacts on patients, nurses and system outcomes, the conference framework provokes us to think about the difficult “So what?” and “Now what?” questions around nursing leadership:

  • In what way are nurses making real differences?
  • How are new ideas, methods and innovations being implemented?
  • How can nurses sow the seeds of those successes across the system and the country?

An exciting roster of speakers sets the stage on opening night and Day 1 when nurse leaders address the state of Canadian nursing leadership, public and political perspectives of the profession, and current and future demands faced by nurse leaders.
Day 2 tackles the hard questions of the impacts being made by nurse leaders, challenges they face in their work, and choices nurses can make to respond to unfolding health and operational demands.
Our dynamic program of concurrent sessions rounds out the conference under the topic Innovating for Leadership in Canadian Nursing in such areas as developing leadership capacity; moving interprofessional education into practice reality; and the impacts of research and programs on patient care, nursing education and nursing education leadership.




INNOVATIVE PRACTICES I: Developing our nursing leadership capacity

INNOVATIVE PRACTICES II: Moving interprofessional education into practice

INNOVATIVE PRACTICES III: The impacts of research/programs on patient care

INNOVATIVE PRACTICES IV: The impacts of research/programs on nursing education and nursing education leadership

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