Pat Griffin Annual Nursing Education Research Scholar

FloMyrick9CASN is pleased to announce that the 2011 inaugural Pat Griffin Nursing Education Research Scholar is

Dr. Florence Myrick.

CASN created a one year grant to support research in nursing education being carried out by a distinguished Canadian scholar. Dr. Florence Myrick has been chosen as the first year annual Pat Griffin Nursing Education Research Scholar. Dr. Myrick is a world renowned researcher in the area of professional education with a focus on preceptorship. Dr. Myrick’s commitment to her work has allowed her to produce many scholarly articles and manuscripts which have become informative resources for nursing faculty and preceptors. Many nursing students have become more successful when entering practice because of Dr. Myrick’s invaluable contributions. CASN is proud to support this visionary leader as she continues her scholarly work.

Dr. Myrick will receive a $10,000 grant to promote her nursing education research through inquiry, mentorship, and dissemination. Dr. Myrick’s program of research in nursing education will be addressed when she provides the “Pat Griffin Annual Lecture” at the 2011 CASN Council meeting.


The Dr. Pat L. Griffin Fund of CASN
The Dr. Pat Griffin Fund of CASN acknowledges the leadership contribution Pat Griffin made to nursing education, and nursing scholarship. This fund will support research in nursing education. To make a donation, click here