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January 31, 2017, CBC News Nova Scotia
Nursing test could set up Canadian nurses to be lured to U.S.

January 28, 2017, CBC News Manitoba
Nursing students say new entry exam is failing them; only 27 per cent of Francophone students pass

July 19, 2016, #ONFR TFO

Les étudiants en sciences infirmières poussés vers l’anglais

June 23, 2016, CBC News Nova Scotia

Cape Breton nursing school grads fared best on 2015 licensing exam

June 21, 2016, CTV News Atlantic
N.S. nurses to be given unlimited attempts to pass final exam

June 21, 2016, Sackville Tribune-Post
Investment to support nursing education

May 13, 2016, The Globe and Mail

Why a U.S. licensing exam shouldn’t regulate Canadian nurses

May 12, 2016, The Globe and Mail
Harmonizing nurse education with U.S. hurts Canada’s edge: association

April 10, 2016, Kamloops This Week
Canadian nursing students victims of American-based exam

April 1, 2016,  Global News – Toronto
Concern over nursing exam increases after first year results come through

March 31, 2016, CBC News – Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia nursing exam yields higher pass rate but union concerns remain

March 9, 2016, CTV News – Atlantic
N.S. nursing unions pushing for changes to post-grad exam

March 8, 2016, Global News
Nursing students not scoring highly on national exam

January 6, 2016, Ryerson Folio
Are Rye’s future nurses ready for the NCLEX?

December 14, 2015, National Post
Kirsten Woodend & Jennifer Medves: We are failing our nurses

November 24, 2015, Press Reader Leader-Post
Nurse exam concerns 

November, 2015, Canadian Nurse
Studying the NCLEX-RN

November 20, 2015, Regina Leader-Post
High number of Saskatchewan graduate nurses failing national exam


October 17, 2015, Winnipeg Free Press
U.S.-centric test imposed on nurses

October 16, 2015, Yahoo! News – Daily Brew: Canada News
Canadian nurses struggle with new U.S.-designed exam

October 16, 2015, Ottawa Citizen
Francophone nursing students struggle with new American accreditation exam


September 29, 2015, Toronto Sun
Canadian nurses should be judged by Canadian standards

September 2015, The Standard
NCLEX-RN: not an American nor a Canadian exam

September 23, 2015, CNO press release
Correcting inaccuracies about the new nursing exam

September 22, 2015,
Too early to judge licensing results for Canadian nurses: regulatory group

September 18, 2015, Toronto Sun
Ontario nurses angered by ‘U.S.’ licensing exam

September 17, 2015,
Concerns raised over new U.S. nursing exam as pass rates plummet in Canada

September 17, 2015,
Canadian nursing students failing new exam at high rate

September 16, 2015, CTV Calgary
Unfair exam for Canadian nurses?

September 16, 2015, CBC Radio
A new national nurses exam, based on a U.S. exam, is leading to a higher failure rate

September 16, 2015, Canada AM
Pass rates plummet after switch to American exam

September 12, 2015, The
U of S nursing students on track to ace new exam

September 11, 2015, CNA press release
Nursing profession concerned with first NCLEX-RN results

September 11, 2015, The Gauntlet
Lower pass rate for new nursing exam stirs up controversy

September 11, 2015, New Talk 650 CKOM
Fewer Sask. nursing students passing new national licensing exam

September 10, 2015,
Nursing faculty official says “American” exam to blame for failing students

September 10, 2015,
NCLEX nursing exam fail rate has Alberta graduates, universities concerned

September 9, 2015,
University of Calgary concerned with content of new Registered Nursing exam

September 9, 2015, Globe and Mail
Fewer nursing students are passing the new national licensing exam

September 9, 2015, CASN press release
New American Entry-to-Practice Exam a Failure for Canadian Nursing Students and for Canada

September 9, 2015,
Low RN exam pass-rate concerns University of Calgary

Le 8 septembre 2015,
Un nouvel examen augmenterait le taux d’échec des finissants en sciences infirmières

September 8, 2015, CBC News
New Brunswick nurses 47% fail rate on NCLEX-RN: Nursing association promises ‘in-depth’ analysis of programs

September 8, 2015, CBC News
Nova Scotia nursing students have slightly higher failure rate on new test

August 28, 2015, CTV Atlantic
Failure rate for new exam further complicates nursing shortage in Halifax

August 12, 2015, Ontario Nurses Association
Letter to Anne Coghlan, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, College of Nurses of Ontario
Re: National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) – failure rates – rewrites and temporary registration – Ontario Nurses Association