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Nurse-Owned and Operated for 30+ Years

Nurse-owned and operated since 1992, Pocket Nurse offers thousands of educational products for impactful simulation-based learning. We’re proud to serve the Canadian market and its many healthcare education programs.



Pocket Nurse products for instruction are carefully curated by our in-house team of Registered Nurses and serve the diverse needs of healthcare education around the world.

Demo Dose® Simulated Medication

Demo Dose simulated medications offer a safe yet realistic approach for practicing medication administration, featuring an authentic appearance but consisting of inert ingredients. Demo Dose products are vital for teaching medication management in a wide range of simulations. Demo Dose simulated medications are for educational use only and are not for human or animal use. Learn More

Medication Management Solutions

Pocket Nurse distributes automated dispensing cabinets integral to creating compelling medication administration scenarios. These medication management solutions provide secure storage, increased efficiency and time saved on medication counting, and many other benefits. Learn More

Totes Simulation Supply Bags

Intended for one-bag-per student use, each Tote is a pre-filled or custom-filled bag containing supplies for learning a specific medical discipline. Contents are selected by our team of Nurse Educators (or may be customer-selected) to enable realistic simulations for students in Nursing, EMS, Allied Health, and more. Bags can also be customized with your school logo! Learn More

Additional Pocket Nurse Products Include:



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