Call for Submissions – Help CASN enhance a national e-resource on climate-driven vector-borne diseases by participating in its development!

Do you or someone close to you have Lyme Disease or West Nile Virus? Are you interested in sharing your story?


CASN is creating a national e-resource on climate-driven vector-borne diseases and is looking for real stories from persons with lived experience of Lyme Disease or West Nile Virus to support current and future nurses in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills in this area.

In August 2018, the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) received funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada to conduct a project titled ‘Empowering the next generation of health care professionals with knowledge, skills, tools, and supports to address infectious diseases related to climate change in Canada’. The goal of this project is to increase the knowledge of the effects of climate driven infectious diseases on population health in Canada amongst nurse educators.

To achieve this goal, CASN is creating an e-resource that will be accessible to educators, students, and practicing health professionals to facilitate and foster the integration of the health effects of climate change and infectious diseases in schools of nursing across Canada. The e-resource will be organized into modules and supported by fictional, interactive and dynamic case studies that are informed by real-life lived experience with vector borne-diseases.

If you are interested in contributing to this e-resource by sharing your story, please send it to Julia Thomas, CASN Education Policy Coordinator, at by March 9, 2020 using the template that we have attached.


The submission length is 300-400 words. Click here to download the Submission and Consent Form

***CASN places the highest priority on your privacy and guarantees that your personal story will be kept in strict confidence. Any part of your story that is used in a case study will be completely anonymous and no information will be included that could identify you or be linked to you. Your submission will be deleted electronically, and any hard copies destroyed as soon as the e-resource is completed.

The template for submissions includes a consent form for you to sign, allowing CASN to use the information you have provided in a case study and guaranteeing the confidentiality and anonymity of the personal story provided.

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