Issues with the Adaptation and Translation of the NCLEX-RN® – For Administration to Graduates of Canadian Baccalaureate Programs of Nursing

New CASN Website pic 2Issues with the Adaptation and Translation of the NCLEX-RN®

The NCLEX-RN® examination, developed and administered in the United States to license registered nurses, was introduced in ten jurisdictions in Canada in January 2015. As three of these provinces have francophone schools of nursing, two language versions of this examination were required for the adaptation of the NCLEX-RN® to Canadian jurisdictions. The International Test Commission (ITC) Guidelines (2005) provide a frame of reference for adapting and translating tests originally developed in a particular national context and language for use in another national context and/or in other languages. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), the translation process of the NCLEX-RN® followed these international guidelines.

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Issues with