The deadline for nominations to the Pat Griffin Award is extended for one month and nominations are now due Friday April 11, 2014.

In recognition of the importance of the research currently underway in nursing education, CASN offers an annual award to an established scholar with a strong program of research in nursing. The intent is to both support and promote nursing education research through inquiry, mentorship, and dissemination... More

Second Annual CASN Academic Leadership Retreat

Dates: Thursday, June 12th and Friday, June 13th, 2014 Location: Wakefield Mill Inn, Wakefield QC (just outside of Ottawa ON)  The CASN Academic Leadership Retreat is an intensive two day workshop that will equip attendees with strategies for exercising effective leadership... More

REGISTER NOW!!! Canadian Nursing Education Conference - Anticipating and Shaping the Future of Nursing Education

REGISTER NOW!!! Early Bird Deadline : April 4, 2014 Event Dates : May 26-28, 2014 Location : Westin Nova Scotian, Halifax, Nova Scotia Program Highlights: Opening keynote address from Reverend Tom Keighley. A debate looking at the concept of incorporating a residency-style program, post graduation... More

CASN announces the launch of an online Nurse Educator Certificate Course this March 2014! Registration is now open!

Mission To foster excellence in the academic nurse educator role, and provide recognition and merit for the specialized knowledge, expertise, and competencies of this role in Canada! Course Description Themes include:  Developing a teaching dossier Foundation of teaching and learning Curriculum development and evaluation Scholarship of teaching and learning Teaching strategies and skills Evaluating and providing feedback Ethical considerations inteaching and learning This Nurse Educator Certificate Course addresses the following core competencies of Academic Nurse Educators: Maintains a teaching dossier that fosters continuous self-development and  improvement as an academic nurse educator; Facilitates cognitive, affective, social, and psychomotor learning using a variety of pedagogical approaches and learning theories; Assesses learner progress, evaluates outcomes and communicates feedback using a variety of methods and approaches; Develops a course syllabus and plan that meets the requirements of the curriculum and allows the students to progress towards program outcomes; Participates in curriculum design, development, and evaluation; and, Contributes to a scholarly environment by engaging in the scholarship of teaching... More
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Education >> Fast Track/Accelerated BACC Programs

Programs Under 2 years

  • University of British Columbia Baccalaureate Advanced Standing (1.8 years)
  • University of Western Ontario Compressed time Frame BScN, 2nd Degree Entry (1.9 years)

2 year Programs

  • University of Alberta, Camrose Site Baccalaureate After Degree (2 years)
  • University of Alberta Baccalaureate After Degree Program (2 years)
  • University of New Brunswick, Fredericton  Baccalaureate Advanced Standing (2 years)
  • Western Regional School of Nursing Baccalaureate Collaborative Fast Track/2nd Degree (2 years)
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland Baccalaureate Collaborative Fast Track/2nd Degree (2 years)
  • Dalhousie University, Halifax Baccalaurate Accelerated (2 years)
  • McMaster University Baccalaurate Accelerated (2 years)
  • York University, Atkinson College Baccalaureate 2nd Degree Entry F-T (2 years)
  • University of Toronto Baccalaureate Second Entry (Advanced entry) (2 years)
  • Queen's University RN Baccalaurate (AST) Advanced Standing Track of Study (2 years)
  • University of Prince Edward Island Baccalaureate Accelerated (2 years)
  • Collège de Maisonneuve Diplôme accéleré 2 ans (DEC) (2 years)
  • Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Tec Diploma 25 month  (2.1 years)

2.5 year Programs

  • Douglas College Baccalaureate Access II: RPN Bridge to RN  (2.5 years)
  • John Abbott College Diploma 2+ year Intensive (2.5 years)
  • Cégep de Sainte-Foy Diplôme DEC intensif/accelere 180.A9 (2.5 years)
  • Cégep de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue Diplome Soins Infirmiers 180.B0 (2.5 years)
  • John Abbott College RN Dip for Internationally Educated Nurses (2.5 years)

3 year Programs

  • Douglas College Baccalaureate Access I: LPN/RPN Bridge to RN (3 years)
  • University College of the Fraser Valley LPN Access to BSN (Bridging-in) (3 years)
  • Dalhousie University, Halifax Baccalaurate Fast Track (3 years)
  • St. Francis Xavier University Baccalaureate Bridge for Licensed Practical Nurse (Post LPN) (3 years)
  • St. Francis Xavier University Baccalaureate Post Degree (3 years)
  • Lakehead University Baccalaureate 3 year Compressed (3 years)
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology UOIT Baccalaureate (3 years)
  • Collaborative Practical Nurse Bridge to Registered Nurse (3 years)
  • Trent University Baccalaureate Compressed (3 years)
  • Mohawk College RN Baccalaureate Collaborative, PN Bridge to RN (3 years)
  • SIAST Saskatoon, Kelsey Campus Baccalaureate Collaborative September completion (3 years)
  • Langara College Baccalaureate (3.33 years)

3.5 year Programs

  • University of Calgary Baccalaurate Collaborative Medicine Hat  (3.5 years)
  • University of Calgary Baccalaureate Accelerated January Entry (3.5 years)
  • University of Calgary Baccalaureate Accelerated September Entry (3.5 years)
  • Medicine Hat College Baccalaureate Collaborative (3.5 years)
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology Baccalaureate 3.5 year, Fall Intake (3.5 years)
  • Laurentian University/Université Laurentienne Baccalaurate Collaborative Fast Track (3.5 years)
  • Laurentian University/Université Laurentienne Baccalauréat programme intensif (3.5 years)