CASN Alternative Format Item Writing Webinar: Transitioning to the NCLEX-RN

Two mini webinar series are being held in August and September 2014! Registration is now open!Register Now!! Following a survey of Canadian Schools of Nursing, CASN is responding to the call for opportunities for faculty to engage in writing NCLEX-RN type questions to help prepare their students! Webinar DescriptionIn January 2015, nursing students will write the NCLEX-RN as the new entry-to-practice exam... More

Entry-to-Practice Public Health Nursing Competencies for Undergraduate Nursing Education

In 2012 CASN began a project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).  One of the project goals was to support the integration of current and relevant public health content into baccalaureate nursing education by creating core competencies that would detail the knowledge, skills, and attitudes new nurses need to learn in this particular area of health care... More

National Nursing Education Summit – Summary Report

Healthcare in Canada is rapidly evolving, and Canadians are facing an unprecedented set of challenges in creating a sustainable health-care system. Acuity and intensity of care are increasing, and Canadians are living longer, often with multiple, complex chronic conditions... More

Clinical Instructor Certificate Course

REGISTER NOW!!A fall session is being offered starting September 2014! Registration is now open!After the resounding success of the CASN Clinical Instructor Certificate Course fall 2013 and winter 2014 sessions, CASN is pleased to announce that this course is being offered again starting September 2014!!Course DescriptionClinical education is a foundational component of nursing education... More

CASN Works with Haitians to Establish an Approval Program for Schools of Nursing

In September 2013, CASN began a project to establish standards for nursing education programs and to revise the process of approval in Haiti.Improving Nursing Education in Haiti by Strengthening Quality Standards "To improve nursing education in Haiti, the USAID-funded Health Financing and Governance (HFG) project is working closely with the Ministry of Health or Ministère de la Santé Publiqueet de la Population to strengthen its ability to manage an effective standards-based quality system for nursing educational institutions... More
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Wendy McBride Award for Accreditation Reviewer Excellence

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Wendy McBride  Award for Accreditation Reviewer Excellence 2014

CASN is very pleased to institute the Wendy McBride Award for Accreditation Reviewer Excellence. This award acknowledges the contribution of a former Executive Director, to CASN and to the CASN Accreditation Program.

The role of reviewers is critical to the success and credibility of the CASN accreditation program. Reviewers are expected to promote excellence in nursing education by assessing programs offered by schools of nursing against CASN accreditation standards.  Demonstrating equality and support for the educational program in the role of site visitor, and identifying those programs that demonstrate excellence in teaching and scholarly activity. Reviewers make a commitment to participate in at least two reviews during two consecutive years.


Any current CASN reviewer who has participated in an accreditation review in the last two years. The nominee can be any participating member of the on-site review team.


The recipient of this award will demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • is a CASN Accreditation Program Reviewer;
  • has made a significant contribution to the Accreditation Program by providing direction and leadership during an onsite visit and writing of the site visit report;
  • has participated in the evaluation and advancement of the Accreditation Program; and,
  • has demonstrated appreciation and comprehension of the Accreditation Program purpose, standards and policies.
Nominations will be reviewed on the basis of originality, level of contribution and commitment to the Accreditation Program.

Submission/Nomination Documentation

Individuals must be nominated in writing by three faculty members of a CASN member school. One of the nominators must be the dean/director/chair of a nursing education program that was recently reviewed OR another review team member with whom the nominee has worked. The completed nomination form must be submitted with letters of support from each nominator and a 250 word description of the nominee’s commitment to the Accreditation Program should be included. The letters of support should specifically reference the nominee’s achievements and activities related to the award criteria and should be addressed to the Chair of the Nominations and Awards Committee of CASN, and identify the individual by name, title and school/faculty.

Selection Process

The Nominations and Awards Committee will review the nominations and present recommendations to the CASN Board of Directors.

Download Nomination Form Now.